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Jeremy Wade and Jessica Wade

Jeremy Wade and Jessica Wade

Owners, Counselors, Business Strategists

Welcome to Alfa Practice. We are glad you stopped by and we hope you’ll stick around awhile.

Even though our podcast is still in production, we think the resources we’ve created and compiled for you are worthy of your time. Take a look around and use what we’ve offered to help you launch or enhance your private practice. Our goal is to make you launching your dream business so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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Did you hear that?

It's the sound of your own voice, saying...


You have the power to create your own life.


I wonder if you can relate? As a counselor, I had been handing out this tidbit of guidance to my own clients for years. Like you, I avoid all things cliche, so when I said it, I actually believed I meant it. And I did mean it. For them, anyhow. I knew it was true for my brave clients. Yet somehow I mentally disqualified myself from enjoying this same life-altering mindset.


In a moment of complete frustration that my career looked nothing like I hoped, I suddenly realized that I had silently counted myself out. I knew then that I put aside my dream of creating my own private practice, by letting fear keep me conveniently employed, but not mastering my own future. I knew I had more to offer the world and more I could create.


On the couch of my own mentor’s office, in a single decision, I decided to accept my own advice. I reminded myself that private practice was my original dream. It’s why I went to grad school in the first place and it’s where my daydreams go. I decided then to create the life and business of my dreams. I launched and filled my practice in just a few months. And so can you.


You really can create the career and practice you’ve been dreaming of. Are you ready for it?


Now it’s your turn. I want to see you be be brave.



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